Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who's team are you on?

Currently as football season progresses, fans from all over the country and wherever they may be root for their favorite players.  When football season ends, then basketball begins and hockey players hit the rink.  Baseball seems to be going on all the time and tennis starts in the spring.  Golf and soccer take over during the summer and then we are back to football.  As each sport takes its time on the news stations, there are fans that are involved in as many aspects of their players' lives as possible.

On the local level, little league sports and high school teams and everything in between play their very best to show their skills.  Cities and communities unite behind their players and cheer all the way to the championships.  When the teams win, the cities rejoice; when the scoreboard shows a loss, the communities feel as bad as the players do.

As we all know behind all of the athletes in whatever sport is a great staff that consists of coaches, managers, referees, and even the water boys.  Everyone has a role to play to make the team; any one person out of place will damage the team's potential to win in the end.

One of the scriptural stories I have been pondering for a while is found in Exodus chapter 32.  The Israelites have decided to reject the law given to them by Moses and began to worship the golden calf.  After getting mad at the people, Moses in verse 26 asks a poignant question.  He says "Who is on the Lord's side? let him come unto me."  Those who had not rebelled came to Moses and put an end to those who had forsaken God and were against Him.

I have often wondered how I would respond to that question.  Are the things I do in harmony with what the Savior's game plan is, or am I part of the opposition?  How do I show my devotion to the Lord's team?  What is my role in this play of the game and how can I do it to the best of my ability?  If I need to make changes, what are they?

As I have reflected on my individual duty, I have realized that there are so many other players that I can look at their example.  The prophet stands as quarterback, directing the work as it moves forward and calling each play in harmony with the Coach's plan.  Men like the bishops and stake presidents of the church are like the pitchers of baseball and the forwards of basketball and soccer, directing the action in their spaces.  Missionaries form the doubles tennis teams all across the world as they spread the gospel message of the Restoration and of happiness.  And of course, our Heavenly Father directs the work as Head Coach with the Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost as His Assistant Coaches. 

Each person on the planet has their position to fill; each one a duty to perform.  Let us each find our purpose in this great battle of life.  The game is not over until that final whistle blows.  You never know, the game winning pass may be meant for you.  "Who's on the Lord's side? Who?  Now is the time to show." (Hymns 260)

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