Favorite talks

These are some of my favorite talks given by General Authorities of the church. 

President Thomas S. Monson

Your Eternal Voyage given April 2000; Peace, Be Still given October 2002; Do Your Duty-That Is Best given October 2005; True to the Faith given April 2006; What Have I Done for Someone Today? given October 2009; He Is Risen! given April 2010; The Three R's of Choice given October 2010; The Divine Gift of Gratitude given October 2010

 President Henry B. Eyring
First Councilor in the First Presidency

"Write upon My Heart" given October 2000; Spiritual Preparedness: Start Early and Be Steady given October 2005; This Day given April 2007; O Remember, Remember given October 2007; Help Them on Their Way Home given April 2010; Act in All Diligence given April 2010; Serve with the Spirit given October 2010; Trust in God, Then Go and Do given October 2010

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Second Councilor in the First Presidency

Point of Safe Return given April 2007; A Matter of a Few Degrees given April 2008; The Infinite Power of Hope given October 2008; Lift Where You Stand given October 2008; We Are Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down given April 2009; The Love of God given October 2009; Continue in Patience given April 2010; Of Things That Matter Most given October 2010

Boyd K. Packer
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

The Golden Years given April 2003; "The Standard of Truth Has Been Erected" given October 2003; A Defense and a Refuge given October 2006; The Test given October 2008; Prayer and Promptings given October 2009; The Power of the Priesthood given April 2010

L. Tom Perry
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Discipleship given October 2000; The Importance of the Family given April 2003; The Message of the Restoration given April 2007; The Gospel of Jesus Christ given April 2008; Let Him Do It with Simplicity given October 2008; The Past Way of Facing the Future given October 2009

Russell M. Nelson
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Living by Scriptural Guidance given October 2000; Sweet Power of Prayer given April 2003; Now Is the Time to Prepare given April 2005; Jesus Christ-the Master Healer given October 2005; Repentance and Conversion given April 2007; Be Thou an Example of the Believers given October 2010

Dallin H. Oaks
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

The Challenge to Become given October 2000; Give Thanks in All Things given April 2003; All Men Everywhere given April 2006; Good, Better, Best given October 2007; Love and Law given October 2009; Two Lines of Communication given October 2010
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