Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Power of the snowflake

So since today was day eight of continual snowfall, I decided it is about time I dedicated a blog post to the little white crystals we call snow.  It is fascinating to think of how snow begins.  Water molecules in the atmosphere attach to particles like dirt and pollution.  Once enough water molecules have collected, they begin to fall as precipitation, usually as rain.  When the temperature is below freezing however, the water molecules freeze and become a snow crystal.  Each snowflake has its own look, dependant on how the water molecules arranged themselves while freezing.  The snow drifts quietly down to the earth where it waits to melt and begin the cycle over.

One snowflake does not usually make that big of an impact.  In fact, depending on the size, one snowflake would go unnoticed by most of the people around the world.  However, when you get a bunch of them together you can throw a snowball at someone.  A few more and you can make a snowman.  A few more and you can make a cave to sleep in.  A lot more and you can go sledding or skiing. 

The other side of snow is true; one snowflake does not create a lot of damage.  However, when you get enough together it is easy to get vehicles stuck in a bank off the side of the road.  Avalanches and blizzards are pretty dangerous for anyone stuck in them.  Houses can collapse and a whole lot of not so nice things can happen.

Snowflakes are a great illustration for us as humans.  One of us does not go out and change the world by ourselves.  Get enough people united behind a cause and things get done, either for good or ill.  Policies are passed, communities celebrate, and clubs make a change in the world.

Now get enough people who believe in Christ together and what can happen then?  I would say miracles happen.  The Good News of the Savior gets published throughout the world.  People can find peace and happiness.  Unless, all those who believe in Christ stay quiet then it is as if they were on their own. 

As snow continues to fall, keep in mind how powerful snow is together and how powerful we can be as well.

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